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Below are the FedHQ links, outlining the services this site brings to its visitors...
  • Send electronic postcards from...
    1. Star Trek Potpourri at, featuring an assortment of images spanning the thirty years that Star Trek has impacted the entertainment industry.
    2. Star Trek Crew Members at, displaying portraits of the inumerable Star Trek characters that have made the series such a captivating dream world for so long.
    3. Star Trek Couples at where an assortment of pictures highlight the three decades of Star Trek romances that have held the hearts of "trekkies" in wonder every time.
  • Take the StarFleet Survey where visitors may share opinions about favorite Star Trek series, ships, characters, and aliens that compose the Star Trek universe.
  • View the StarFleet Mission Logs
    1. Kirk fighting unimaginable foes
    2. Picard defending the Federation from it's enemies
    3. Sisko guarding the Bajoran wormhole from the forces of the gamma quadrant's Dominion
    4. Janeway leading her crew home across the Milky Way's delta quadrant
  • Visit the StarFleet Audio Library where visitors may listen to the voices, sounds, and music that have heightened Star Trek to the technological fantasy that all have wished to come true.
  • Read the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition that have brought smiles to the faces of Star Trek viewers since meeting Deep Space Nine's famous bartender, Quark, and his profit hunting race of entrepreneurs.
  • Visit the James Kirk Search Engine where visitors may access communications channels to seek out new websites and boldy go where no man... has gone before.
  • Sign the FedHQ Guest Log to provide feedback conerning this site, as well as show love and appreciation for the pleasure, idealism, and sheer entertainment that Star Trek has provided for its fans through four television series and nine motion pictures.
  • Vote for this site in the Top 200 Trek Sites to show support for Star Trek and this website.
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