In the distant future, chaos has reached its maxim and now rules the galaxy. Suspended in an event horizon, near the edge of a black hole, lies the Andromeda Ascendant, held prisoner in an instant of time seemingly dilated to an eternity.

The Andromeda, abandoned by all but her captain, Dylan Hunt, was the glory of the High Guard, a peace keeping militia patrolling the thousand year old System's Commonwealth. After attaining peace with the Magog, a ruthless race bent on the destruction of the Commonwealth, an all too short dusk was allowed to settle over the galaxy.

The Andromeda's crew lies dead in space, ordered by their captain to abandon their ship and warn the High Guard of the Nietzscheans' plans to attack the Commonwealth after the Magog peace treaty was agreed upon.

Fleeing the Nietzscheans, Captain Hunt entered the event horizon, to rest unwillingly for three hundred years... Now, after three centuries have passed, the Commonwealth has disintegrated... the High Guard, is a memory... except for the Andromeda...

Long thought lost, the Andromeda is awakened... and her captain... finally freed.

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